Bellagio @ The Prestige City Hyderabad Villas

A villa is a stand-alone building with comfortable and spacious living spaces. It typically encompasses a spacious living room, multiple bedrooms, a lush garden, and an exclusive private pool. It is designed for complete independence from its surroundings. Villas often feature secluded pathways and meticulously crafted garden layouts.

Bellagio at The Prestige City Hyderabad is a newly launched villa project in The Prestige City Hyderabad township. It overlooks the scenic Mulagund Lake in Rajendra Nagar, epitomizing natural beauty and contemporary architectural brilliance. It is developed across 24 acres with 119 luxurious 4 BHK units. The starting price of the villas is Rs 11 Crores.

The greenery of the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences and the Agri Biodiversity Park surrounds it. It is crafted by the acclaimed architect Hafeez Contractor. The Prestige City Hyderabad villas offer tranquility through tree-canopied boulevards and vehicle-free paths. The project boasts sustainable management practices, expansive lawns, and well-designed social spaces. The project's RERA No. is P02400006711.

The Prestige City Hyderabad Villas Project Highlights
Type Villa
Project Stage New Launch
Location Rajendra Nagar, Budwel, Hyderabad
Builder Prestige Group
Floor Plans 4 BHK
Price Rs. 11* Crore Onwards
Total Land Area 24 Acres
Total Units 119 Units
Approvals RERA
RERA No P02400006711
Launch Date November 2023
Completion Date 5 years from launch
Possession Date 2027

Master Plan

Bellagio @ The Prestige City Hyderabad Master Plan

A master plan is a long-term plan that outlines the intended development and use of a specific land area. The master plan of The Prestige City Hyderabad Villas unveils a meticulously designed layout for an exquisite living experience. There is a long villa entrance drive that runs through the entire length of the project. The master plan also shows a villa clubhouse, a great place for the residents to connect and unwind. Surrounding the clubhouse, an amphitheater provides a venue for cultural and recreational events, fostering a sense of community. The master plan incorporates thoughtful elements for well-being, including a reflexology garden and gazebo seating areas, offering serene spaces for relaxation and connection with nature. For the health- conscious, there's a jogging track and open gym facilities, promoting an active and balanced lifestyle. You can also find a future development mall spread over a large area. It is poised to enhance the community's lifestyle with retail, dining, and entertainment options.

Advantages of Investing in Villas

Investing in villas presents a range of benefits that make them an attractive choice for buyers and investors:

  • Appreciation: Villas often experience substantial value appreciation over time.
  • Stable Income: Rental income from villas can provide a stable and potentially high return on investment.
  • Privacy and Space: Villas offer greater privacy and spacious living than other property types.
  • Potential for Personal Use: Buyers can use the villa for vacations or as a second home.
  • Diversification: Owning a villa adds diversification to an investment portfolio.

If you’re looking forward to buying a villa, choose a villa at Bellagio at The Prestige City Hyderabad.


1. Is it worth buying a villa?

The worth of buying a villa depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and investment goals. A well-researched villa purchase can be a worthwhile and fulfilling investment if you seek a spacious living, privacy, and potential for property appreciation.

2. Why are villas better than apartments?

Villas offer more privacy than apartments. They also have private outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, or balconies.

3. Do villas have resale value?

Yes, villas generally have good resale value. The project's reputation, quality construction, and desirable amenities contribute to sustained property value.

4. Is it a good idea to buy a villa in Hyderabad?

Yes, investing in a villa in Hyderabad can be a sound decision. The city has witnessed rapid economic growth, a thriving IT sector, and infrastructural development. The demand for premium housing in Hyderabad is rising.

5. What makes Bellagio at The Prestige City a good choice for villa buyers?

Bellagio at The Prestige City is an excellent choice due to its luxurious living, strategic location, and world-class amenities.

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