The Prestige City Hyderabad Amenities

The Prestige City Hyderabad Lawn Area
The Prestige City Hyderabad Gym
The Prestige City Hyderabad Outdoor

  • Club House
  • Outdoor Courts
  • Squash Court
  • Spa
  • Snooker
  • Board Games
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jogging Track
  • Basement Parking - 2Level
  • Mixed Aged Kids Playground
  • Billiards & Games Room
  • Table Tennis
  • Party Area
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Kids Play Area
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Multisports Court
  • Pet's Corner
  • Urban Farming

The amenities of The Prestige City Hyderabad have been thoughtfully designed to make it the ideal place to live. The residents of The Prestige City in Hyderabad get all their needs met by the builders. This property has lovely, well-designed clubhouses, villas, and apartments. They are light, airy, and reasonably spacious. Its many special qualities allow for a peaceful and enjoyable coexistence.

The project’s amenities, which aren’t tailored to any certain age group, are enjoyed by all residents of The Prestige City Hyderabad. As a result, users of various ages utilize them. Its objective is to offer certain city dwellers relaxation and renewal in their busy lives. The citizens can access a wealth of leisure, entertainment, and physical opportunities. Increased property values, resident satisfaction, and occupancy rates are all influenced by amenities.

The cost of apartments and villas in the project that face the facilities is slightly more than that of other units that face the outside. The amenities in these residential homes give their occupants a first-rate living experience and a great return on their investment.

Modern residential township The Prestige City Hyderabad offers opulent residences and first-rate facilities that enhance neighbourhood living. By covering an expansive 64 acres, the amenities are designed to include three elegant clubhouses, sports facilities, swimming pools, carefully manicured gardens, courtyards, and much more. The project ensures that the best facilities and services are available to keep the residents active and healthy. It also offers a platform for living a great and contented life. The diverse fun, exercise, leisure, and sports amenities are intended to give inhabitants a luxurious lifestyle.

The project provides three fully furnished Clubhouses of 50,000 square feet each, along with an indoor pool. Two clubhouses totalling 1,00,000 square feet for apartment homes and 50,000 square feet for villa properties. The clubhouse boasts well-laid inside comforts and is as large as a mall. According to records, this project is Hyderabad’s biggest clubhouse and township project.

Amenities in The Prestige City Hyderabad apartments

Amenities in The Prestige City Hyderabad apartments

The Apartment Cluster is developed over 13 towers with a total height of 42 storeys, spanning over 31 acres. It offers a unique collection of features and services. The size of the apartments varies from 752 sq. ft to 3431 sq. ft. It has two clubhouses, Club Glitter and Club Zing, each with unique amenities and themes to meet the diverse demands of the inhabitants.

Clubhouses Present in The Prestige City Hyderabad Apartment Cluster:

Clubhouses Present in The Prestige City Hyderabad Apartment Cluster

  • Club Glitter
  • Club Zing

Features offered in Club Glitter

Features offered in Club Glitter

Club Glitter offers a wide range of facilities appropriate for people of all ages. Residents can enjoy a serene and revitalizing atmosphere thanks to its superb architecture and breathtaking view of Mulagund Lake. It comprises three stories and a ground level with many public, sporting, and recreational areas. The features available here promote people’s emotional and physical health. Every amenity in The Prestige City Hyderabad will be the best because each one was thoughtfully built.

Club Glitter’s ground floor offers,

  • Pharmacy
  • Clinic
  • Salon
  • Food Court
  • Kitchen
  • Celebration Area
  • Banquet Hall

Club Glitter’s first-floor offers,

  • Kid's Crèche
  • Ample Theatre
  • Badminton Court
  • Squash Court

Club Glitter’s second-floor offers,

  • Men’s Spa
  • Women’s Spa
  • Fully equipped Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi

Cub Glitter’s third-floor offers,

  • Guest room (Suite)
  • Terrace/ Multi-purpose half Court
  • Indoor Games
  • Kid’s game room

Features offered in Club Zing

Features offered in Club Zing

Club Zing provides a range of features and concepts associated with the project area’s health and fitness centres. The clubhouse’s amenities are thoughtfully planned to promote healthy living among its members. In addition to the ground floor, this clubhouse is located on the first floor.

Club Zing’s ground floor offers,

  • Women Spa
  • Men Spa
  • Olympic size swimming pool
  • Kids swimming pool

Club Zing’s first-floor offers,

  • Gym
  • Meditation zone

Amenities in The Prestige City Hyderabad villa

Amenities in The Prestige City Hyderabad villas/ Amenities in Bellagio

Bellagio is the name of the villas in The Prestige City Hyderabad. It is developing over an area of 24 acres. It includes a magnificent Clubhouse called Club Sparkle and 119 luxurious two-story villa houses. This community has incredibly opulent villas with floor plans ranging from 5767 sq. ft to 18,049 sq. ft. Thus, the upscale amenities included in villa developments are thoughtfully planned to complement the luxury the villas provide. It will have all the abundant amenities and the finest living conditions available.

Features offered in Club Sparkle

Features offered in Club Sparkle

The project’s hub, Club Sparkle, boasts exceptional artistic and visual qualities. This clubhouse’s construction combines modern, clean-lined forms with classic, timeless elements like mullioned windows and sloping tiled roofs. The structure has a terrace, two upper stories, and a ground floor.

The Club Sparkle enthrals locals with its splendour and grace. The club’s primary features are the entryway, large lobby, exquisite lighting, and well-curated art collection. Club Sparkle is a home that will reflect its residents’ sportier and more carefree sides with its extensive array of recreational amenities and services.

Club Sparkle’s ground floor offers,

  • Banquet
  • Salon
  • Temperature-controlled Swimming Pool
  • Kids' Pool
  • Private cinema hall

Club Sparkle’s first-floor offers,

  • Squash Court
  • Women’s Spa
  • Men’s Spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Badminton Court

Club Sparkle’s second-floor offers,

  • Table Tennis
  • Billiards
  • 4 Guest Rooms
  • Yoga Room
  • Card Game Room

Club Sparkle’s terrace floor offers,

  • Party Area

Outdoor amenities offered in The Prestige City Hyderabad

Outdoor amenities offered in The Prestige City Hyderabad

The Prestige City Hyderabad presents various options for staying energized and engaged while enjoying the tranquillity of the great outdoors and the delight of a brilliant blue sky. Every age group of project tenant has their requirements and expectations carefully considered in the design of the outdoor amenities. The spacious playground provides a clean, safe, and secure environment for children and adults to engage in physical sports. Residents can enjoy their time in the company of Mother Nature thanks to the two “Pocket Parks” and two “Seating Nooks.”

There are two well-shaded areas for senior citizens to spend their free time in peace and quiet. Residents can enjoy spending time with their animal pals in the pet section. The project includes a sizable cricket field, a skating rink, tennis and basketball courts, and an outdoor gym.

Outdoor amenities that make the project more beautiful are;

  • Lake Promenade
  • Toddler's play area
  • Kids' play area
  • Cycling Track
  • Skating Track
  • Jogging track
  • Open gym
  • Organic farm
  • Sculpture Island
  • Forest walk
  • Reflexology garden
  • Gazebo seating
  • Aqua Park
  • Toddlers Pad
  • Cycling Track
  • Skating Track
  • Play Park

The builder's top priority is ensuring everyone's safety within The Prestige City Hyderabad project. Monitoring takes place all the time to ensure the property's security. Access to the enclave is restricted, and entry and exit into the project are tracked. There are security personnel on the property at all times. These actions guarantee a safe living space.

The project is intended to be a complex of residences ideal for those who value tranquillity and serenity. Eco-friendly materials are being used in the construction of the residences. The build is being done with the latest methods. The project has a minimal environmental effect and a small carbon footprint. The Prestige City Hyderabad strongly emphasises waste segregation and water conservation. The project prioritises comfort and elegance and has raised the bar for contemporary living. It provides an abundant living environment by fusing beauty and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does The Prestige City Hyderabad's swimming pool have a heating system?

The project features two swimming pools: one temperature-controlled pool in the clubhouse, open to all The Prestige City Hyderabad residents, and one peaceful interior pool.

2. How many clubhouses are there in the project?

The project offers three elegant clubhouses – two for apartments and one for villas. The apartment clubhouses are named Club Glitter and Club Zing. The clubhouse offered for the residents of the villa is named Club Sparkle.

3. Do the homes facing amenities have any extra charges?

The apartments and villas facing amenities will have slightly higher prices than the homes facing outdoors because of the serene and relaxing environment offered by these amenities.

4. Does the project have a parking lot for all people?

The project has a big parking area with enough space so all buyers can park their vehicles there. There is also a separate guest parking area where visitors can park their vehicles.

5. Does the project offer amenities for all age groups?

The project's amenities are designed to cater to all age groups. Everyone has given due concern, and amenities are thoughtfully developed to meet everyone's demands and requirements.

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