The Prestige City Hyderabad Price

Unit Type Size Price
2.5 BHK 1534 - 1548 Sq Ft Rs. 1.14 Crore* Onwards
3 BHK Compact 1631 - 1687 Sq Ft Rs. 1.19 Crore* Onwards
3 BHK Large 1898 - 2136 Sq Ft Rs. 1.41 Crore* Onwards
3 BHK Large Plus 2169 - 2238 Sq Ft Rs. 1.64 Crore* Onwards
3.5 BHK 2433 Sq Ft Rs. 1.83 Crore* Onwards
4 BHK 3355 - 3431 Sq Ft Rs. 2.52 Crore* Onwards

The Prestige City Hyderabad apartment price starts at Rs. 81.99 lakhs. The villas at The Prestige City Hyderabad are called Bellagios, and their starting price is Rs. 11 crores. The project is a stunning neighbourhood with villas and apartments featuring many amenities. The apartments are available in a range of size configurations to meet each buyer's specific needs.

The pre-launch pricing attracts a lot of potential investors since it guarantees maximum earnings, and the project is more fairly priced than the market. The project is located in Rajendra Nagar, a burgeoning neighbourhood in South Hyderabad that is seeing rapid price growth.

The project is a fantastic investment because of its excellent design, state-of-the-art technology, and strategic location. The project will likely invest in the best house in a sought-after neighbourhood, offering each buyer exceptional returns.

Prestige Group is steadfast in its commitment to providing luxurious projects at reasonable costs. Their programs are carefully crafted to provide convenience and comfort to the community. The developer has a reputation for using the most advanced green building techniques. They are perfect for individuals who are worried about these programs' current impact on the environment. The nation's evolving mindset is reflected in the group's creations.

Price of apartments in The Prestige City Hyderabad

Price of apartments in The Prestige City Hyderabad

The upmarket residential township project, The Prestige City Hyderabad, offers a range of options to cater to different consumer preferences. By looking over the price list and sorting the units by size and cost, buyers may choose the ones they want quickly. The Prestige City Hyderabad price list varies in its pre-launch phase. The developer will entice investors with discounts, particularly during the pre-launch stage.

  • 1 BHK – Rs. 81.99 lakhs
  • 2.5 BHK – Rs. 1.14 crores onwards
  • 3 BHK Compact – Rs. 1.19 crore onwards
  • 3 BHK Large – Rs. 1.41 crore onwards
  • 3 BHK Large Plus – 1.64 crore onwards
  • 3.5 BHK – 1.83 crore onwards
  • 4 BHK – 2.52 crore onwards

The launch date of the apartment development in this luxurious township was in November 2023. The project is expected to be completed by March 2028. The builder's past performance indicates they will complete the project promptly and without any setbacks.

Price of villas in The Prestige City Hyderabad

Price of villas in The Prestige City Hyderabad

Luxurious and spacious 5 BHK villas are available at the elegant township development, Prestige City Hyderabad. It's meant to provide an affluent lifestyle. This stunning villa ownership has many advantages, such as elevated property value, individualized living areas, and breathtaking vistas. The project caters to the needs of the residents by providing villas with different floor plans. The buyers have a choice depending on their requirements and financial status.

  • 5 BHK villa – 11 crores onwards

The villas in The Prestige City are named Bellagio. It is a single-phase development scheduled for completion by June 2026 with a grace period of 6 months.

Price of apartments in Rajendra Nagar

Price of apartments in Rajendra Nagar

Rajendra Nagar is one of Hyderabad's most prestigious neighbourhoods because of its robust social infrastructure and easy access to the freeway. The demand for real estate in this area is rising due to new infrastructure, including the metro and a proposal for capacity expansion. The position offers easy access to the major job hubs of the city. Working professionals want to move to the nearby neighbourhoods as a result, increasing the property's market value.

Apartments are a useful form of housing for people who commute from nearby workplaces. The neighbourhood has seen a significant increase in residential complex construction. Apartment investments will also produce consistent rental income because they are located near sources of employment. In Rajendra Nagar, a good one-bedroom apartment usually costs roughly Rs. 80 lakhs. Additionally, the price would increase to between 90 and 95 lakhs if it included luxurious additions and modern conveniences. A one-bedroom apartment in Rajendra Nagar usually costs around Rs. 20,000 monthly to rent. It's a fair amount that guarantees a consistent revenue stream.

Price of villas in Rajendra Nagar

Price of villas in Rajendra Nagar

Due to its proximity to populated areas, Rajendra Nagar's infrastructure has recently gained attention, which has caused a spike in Rajendra Nagar real estate. The planned metro will make the neighbourhood much more accessible, and the location is close to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Due to its excellent connectivity to another well-established residential sector, this locality has flourished.

Villas are the perfect kind of lodging for people who need solitude. Villas are more private than apartments in this regard. Because these are standalone properties, residents enjoy private outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, or balconies. Villas usually have larger living spaces both inside and outside.

Due to the strong demand for villa constructions in Rajendra Nagar, prestigious developers have begun to release their projects in the neighbourhood. The average cost of a two-bedroom home in Rajendra Nagar is approximately Rs. 2.5 crores. This villa can be rented for about Rs. 45,000 a month if it is listed for rent. Villas make good rental investments and have a high resale value, so those with the means can purchase one right now.

Price of apartments in Hyderabad

Price of apartments in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has seen significant infrastructure development, including new metro lines, better connectivity, and growing transit networks. Certain areas become more desirable for real estate investment due to these improvements, which may raise the price of real estate there.

Hyderabad's growing population due to migration and natural growth may put pressure on the city's housing supply. As the population grows, more housing units are required, which may result in higher pricing. Because they can fit more people in a smaller area, apartments are the ideal choice in areas with a higher population.

A cosy two-bedroom apartment in Hyderabad's best neighbourhoods typically costs around Rs. 80 lakhs. In areas with advanced infrastructure and good connections, the average monthly rent for a 2 BHK apartment is Rs. 25,000.

Best places to invest in apartment projects in Hyderabad

  • Gachibowli
  • Kokapet
  • Shamshabad
  • Narsingi
  • Shadngar
  • Tellpur
  • Adibatla

Large-scale rural-urban migration is considered, and the demand for apartments in major Indian cities is rising. This need will only increase in the future. Purchasing an apartment in Hyderabad is a surefire way to witness an enormous increase in your wealth over the ensuing years.

Price of villas in Hyderabad

Price of villas in Hyderabad

Hyderabad's recent economic success has been largely attributed to the growth of the pharmaceutical, IT, and technology industries and a rapidly growing start-up environment. On the other hand, as more companies open offices in Hyderabad, housing demand increases and could raise prices. Job seekers from all around India and abroad have driven up housing demand in Hyderabad's commercial and technology sectors. Due to the increasing demand, prices may increase, especially in areas close to significant job centres.

Villas are the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a posh lifestyle in the centre of the city. In Hyderabad, the demand for opulent homes is growing. Because of the city's prosperity, more and more people are looking for good homes to invest in. Luxurious homes are a fantastic way to make a wise investment and an elite living environment.

In Hyderabad's most sought-after neighbourhoods, a two-bedroom villa typically costs around Rs. 2.5 crores. Strong rental returns are also anticipated, with an average monthly rental income of Rs. 45,000.

Best places to invest in villa projects in Hyderabad

  • Tukkuguda
  • Jubilee Hills
  • Manikonda
  • Rajendra Nagar
  • Kismatpur
  • Gopanapalli

Domestic and foreign real estate investors are increasingly drawn to Hyderabad. Investing in properties on a regular basis for capital gains or rental income may lead to price hikes. Because of increased population growth and global migration, there is a rapidly increasing need for housing options.

The Prestige City Payment Plan – The upright decision

The Prestige City Hyderabad Payment Plan

The expenses are fully explained in the project's payment plan, which includes charges based on type, area, and floor in addition to GST, booking fees, agreement amount, and monthly instalments to be paid. It offers a concise breakdown of the payment process.

Thanks to its simple instalment plan, customers may make comfortable, risk-free payments with the Prestige City Hyderabad Payment Plan. Buyers must pay 10% of the entire amount at the time of booking. Quarters will be allocated to the outstanding balance upon receipt of payment. The base price does not include additional fees like stamp duty and registration. These fees are due when the units are registered at the time of possession. Taxes are included in all fees and expenses.

RERA lays out a general plan for projects that are in the process of being built, which is. It includes the below-mentioned stages:

  • The buyer must pay 10% of the property’s cost when booking a home.
  • As the construction begins, the buyer must pay an additional 10% of the price.
  • Upon completion up to the plinth level, 15% of the value will be paid.
  • The buyer must pay 2% to 5% as every step of construction is completed.
  • After plastering, painting, and plumbing, 5% will be paid.
  • The remaining 5% of the price will be paid upon home possession.

The Prestige City Hyderabad is aware of the advantages that flexible payment schedules offer to buyers. The project offers the best payment choices, which benefit clients and reduce stress. It provides straightforward alternatives depending on user preferences and lets users pay in instalments. The project keeps its pricing structure transparent to ensure clients won’t be surprised by unanticipated expenses. Thanks to the best pricing structure, every buyer can acquire their dream home at an incredible price that makes the investment worthwhile.

Hyderabad real estate trends

Hyderabad real estate trends

Hyderabad has become one of the wealthiest and fastest-growing cities in India. Success is influenced by both commercial and residential real estate. As of now, Telangana is included. The city is positioned to become a global hub for manufacturing, and IT companies, and its real estate market is growing rapidly.

Hyderabad is currently India’s second most expensive city for housing, behind Mumbai, and costlier than Delhi-NCR. Hyderabad has grown increasingly expensive since 2017, making it unaffordable for most consumers. Between January 2023 and March 2023, the city grew 5.8% every quarter.

Hyderabad has seen tremendous infrastructural progress because of projects like expanding the metro rail network, constructing new flyovers, and establishing the Outer Ring Road. Along with boosting connectivity, these infrastructural upgrades also help the real estate sector.

To streamline the process for buyers and investors, developers are using digital platforms for online payment options, virtual property tours, and property listings. New projects include smart home automation, security features, and energy-efficient technologies.

Current Price on Rajendra Nagar and price trends

Current Price on Rajendra Nagar and price trends

Rajendra Nagar’s high degree of development makes it a developed region that is worthwhile to invest in. The region provides easy access to Hyderabad’s major employment hubs and tech parks. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad is also close by. The proposed metro will once again increase this location’s connectivity. Consequently, the property’s market value has increased due to all these infrastructure upgrades.

The demand for real estate is sometimes higher in areas affected by improved infrastructure, which presents appealing investment prospects. Investors may make educated decisions by keeping an eye on local infrastructure projects and their impacts on surrounding areas. Gated communities are predicted to thrive as demand for simple, all-inclusive lives develops. Developers are combining modern design and top-notch amenities to appeal to buyers seeking security and comfort.

Real estate in Rajendra Nagar is priced on average at 10,049 per square foot, with annual growth of 9.5%. The location is great for those wishing to purchase real estate because investments made here will pay off within a year or two.

Cost sheet – The ultimate document for customer decision

Cost sheet – The ultimate document for customer decision

Cost sheets play a crucial role when managing building and real estate projects. They include in- depth evaluations of the price of labour, building supplies, equipment, and permits. Knowing how much different unit options that suit buyers’ tastes and budgets cost is helpful.

  • Basic cost
  • Stamp Duty
  • GST payable
  • Total Taxes
  • Other chargess

The project has many pre-launch offers, including price reductions of up to thirty per cent and discounts. All of the original buyers will be persuaded to invest and earn handsomely from it. They can subsequently resale it for a price and profit handsomely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are instalments to be paid, and is it time-bound?

Instalments are to be settled through post-dated cheques, which is a pre-condition of the allotment. This payment schedule is on a time-bound basis, as mentioned in the payment schedule. In the case of a home loan, these PDCs are held with us as collateral and returned at the time of possession.

2. Has Prestige City been approved by banks/Housing finance institutions (HFIs) for loans?

Yes, the selected Banks/HFIs will extend loans to customers based on their eligibility criteria.

3. What is the registration process, and when does registration take place?

Registration of the sale deed will be done only upon completion of the development and upon payment of the complete sale consideration, including the supplementary charges.

4. What is my responsibility for the disbursement of instalments through HFIs/Banks?

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to guarantee timely disbursement of instalments from HFIs, and we will not make a demand to the HFIs for the same. To facilitate smooth payments, customers must agree to a pre-determined payment schedule and allocate a mandate to the HFI/ Bank to disburse payments as per the schedule while signing the Sale Agreement; it will be done through a ‘Mandatory Disbursement Form’.

5. Will the price list be valid?

The prices are subject to change from time to time, subject to the discretion of the Prestige Vaishnaoi Projects.

Disclaimer: Any content mentioned in this website is for information purpose only and Prices are subject to change without notice. This website is just for the purpose of information only and not to be considered as an official website.

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